Privacy Policy

Ozhome Group Pty Ltd is a web site of ​Ozhome Group Pty Ltd and its related companies ("We", "our" and "us" in this Privacy Policy). By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy of the web site, which is set out below. This document privacy policy tells you how we collect and manage your personal information.

Whenever we collect, handle, store, use or disclose personal information that you provide to us when using this site or via e-mail, we comply with the requirements contained in the Privacy Act 1988, including the Australian Privacy Principles.


Collecting and Using Personal Information

Personal information is any information (whether fact, opinion or evaluative material) about you as an individual, from which your identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained. This includes your name, address, telephone number, email address and profession or occupation. If the information we collect personally identifies you, or you are reasonably identifiable from it, the information will be considered personal information.

We will not sell, license, transmit or disclose this information outside of Ozhome Group and its affiliated companies unless (a) expressly authorized by you, (b) necessary to enable Ozhome Group contractors or agents to perform certain functions for us, or (c) required or permitted by law. In all cases, we will disclose the information consistent with applicable laws and regulations and we will require the recipient to protect the information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.

We only collect personal information about you for the purpose of delivering and improving the site and the services we provide and to enhance and develop our relationship with you, as well as personalising our offering and establishing accounts. Generally, those services relate to advertising real estate and businesses, and any other services such as finance, conveyancing, property maintenance and any other related real estate service.



You should also be aware that when you visit our website, we collect certain information that does not identify you personally, but provides us with "usage data," such as the number of visitors we receive or what pages are visited most often. This data helps us to analyze and improve the usefulness of the information we provide at these website.

Like ​many website, we may use what is known as "cookie" technology. Cookies identify your computer to our servers when you visit our site. You need to have configured your browser to enable the accepting or sending of cookies in order to use the full functionality of this site. Cookies from third parties, for example banner ads, may also be used, depending on the policies of the third party suppliers of banner ads and other site add-ons. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, you may be able to change the settings of your browser to refuse all cookies or to notify you each time a cookie is sent to your computer, giving you the choice whether to accept it or not. The cookie does not extract other personal information about you, such as your name or address.


Information from other web sites

We may institute programs with advertising partners and other web sites in which they share information with us. To make this advertising more relevant to you, anonymous information about the previous web browsing activity of your computer on sites within ​our affiliates' network is collected and used to associate your computer with one or more pre-defined interest categories. Advertising that matches those interest categories may then be served to your computer. This interest based advertising does not change the amount of advertising you receive, it just makes it more relevant.

We may ask advertisers to tell us how our users responded to the ads we showed them. This data sharing, commonly known as “conversion tracking,” helps us measure our advertising effectiveness and improve the quality of the advertisements you see. We may receive information about whether or not you’ve seen or interacted with certain ads on other sites in order to measure the effectiveness of those ads.



Apart from where you have consented or disclosure is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was submitted, personal information may be disclosed in special situations where we have reason to believe that doing so is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against anyone damaging, injuring, or interfering (intentionally or unintentionally) with our rights or property, users, or anyone else who could be harmed by such activities. Also, we may disclose personal information when we believe in good faith that the law requires disclosure.

We may engage third parties to provide you with goods or services on our behalf. In that circumstance, we may disclose your personal information to those third parties in order to meet your request for goods or services. We are not responsible for the use or disclosure by others of the information you provide to our site.


Your E-Mail

We welcome your comments or questions about our website and have provided e-mail boxes for that purpose. We will share your comments and questions with our customer service representatives and those employees most capable of addressing your questions and concerns.

We may use your e-mail address for the purpose for which you provided it. We may also use your e-mail address to respond to feedback given about this site, and to confirm receipt of e-mails if we need to contact you for any reason. We may send you an e-mail providing general information about services that we provide or that are available to you from other persons, to provide any information you request. Each time we do that, we will give you the opportunity to choose not to receive more e-mails of that type.



Security of personal information is important to us and we take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information for misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We will endeav to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information you may transmit to us or from our online products and services. Once we do receive your transmission, we will also make our best efforts to ensure its security on our systems. The internet is not a secure environment. If you use the internet to send us any information, including your email address, it is sent at your own risk.


Third party web sites

This site contains links to other sites which are owned or operated by third parties independent of us. Those owners or operators are responsible for informing you about their security and privacy practices. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any sites linked to our site. Therefore, prior to disclosing your personal information on any other website, we recommend that you review the terms and conditions of use for that website and its privacy statement.


Changes to our privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. Any updated versions of this privacy policy will be posted on our website. We encourage you to periodically reread this Policy to see if there have been any changes that may affect you.


Problems or questions

If we become aware of any ongoing concerns or problems with our web sites, we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns. If you have any further queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or you have a problem or complaint, please contact us on our Contact Us page.